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Upon moving to Chicago, I was looking for an adult gymnastics class that was challenging but not too hard since I was fairly new to the sport. After my first class, I knew I was at the right place. Ryan's class pushed me beyond what I thought I could do while keeping me safe and comfortable. Coming off an injury it was important to me that I had a knowledgeable teacher to protect me and teach me to protect myself from re-injury. The class is an amazing workout and a great time. I look forward to Wednesdays to play and perfect my skills. It's an open and fun-loving environment, ideal for all skill levels. I recommend this class to anyone -- those wanting a challenging workout and fun night to gymnasts wanting to shake the dust off and learn new skills. 

-Rachel Flesher

I am 37 years old and have regretted not taking up gymnastics when I was younger. I consider myself to be in descent shape so when I found that there was "Adult Gymnastics" I jumped to the idea of being able to learn flips and jumps. The instructor, Ryan Carr, is very knowledgeable and really breaks the mechanics of the exercises down for us . The class is definitely a workout, but I feel myself getting stronger and more confident each time I come to class.  I'm hooked!!!  Thank you C.I.T.Y for having such a class.

Enrique Guzman, 
Immigration Officer

I have been under Jeremiah’s instruction now for a little under four months. He has a great understanding of specific body positions and how they can relate to any trick I am trying to learn. It is helpful when he participates during open gym to show particular techniques or movements, which is one of the ways I’m able to learn. Jeremiah has done well explaining the breakdown of smaller exercises that lead up to full tricks like a “back-full”. Those little insights have proven to be invaluable to the progress I have been making during his sessions. Thank you for the opportunity to practice at C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics! 

Vince P.

Hi my name is Kate and I have been taking Jeremiahs class since I first arrived to Chicago a couple years ago. Having no gymnastics training I was really nervous about class and being embarrassed but I had no reason to be. Jeremiah was very kind, helpful to every student no matter their level of experience, smart about how to approach this craft and most importantly, fun. As a professional dancer I am pretty picky about putting my trust into a new instructor but honestly Jeremiah gained my trust instantly. I would take his class every day if I could. 

Sincerely, Kate K.