C.I.T.Y. gymnastics

So much more than a cartwheel!

Gymnastics is about how the body moves. Early participation in gymnastics develops our most fundamental movement skills.   We develop the ability to confidently and efficiently move in any environment that is a physical challenge.  Being able to move skillfully sets the foundation for enjoying physical activity. This foundation carries forward far beyond sports participation into healthy active lifestyles.

Gymnastics also promotes healthy growth and development by building strong bones and muscles, increasing flexibility, developing good posture and balance, and promoting a healthy weight.  These benefits can last a lifetime.

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Think of the building blocks of athleticism as primary colors which can be blended together to create other athletic components. Early specialization is one of the most significant issues facing the development of young athletes because it robs them of primary motor pattern development.  This limits athletic potential, increases injury risk,  and may lead to burnout.

Gymnastics at C.I.T.Y. Club is unparalleled in its ability to develop athleticism and can be introduced shortly after a child gains the ability to walk. Our programming will create the foundation for children to build future athletic skills,  regardless of their ultimate sport.

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" A sound mind in a sound body."  What was known to ancient Greeks with the development of early gymnastics is backed by science today. The same neural pathways that are developed by learning gymnastics movement patterns are needed to learn math and reading.  Physical literacy improves academic literacy.

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Gymnastics teaches life skills for success and happiness.  The inherent challenges of the sport require discipline, determination, and courage.  Learning gymnastics in an organized setting  teaches social skills, self-confidence, politeness, and work ethic.

Discipline, for example, is promoted in a variety of ways.  The first is being able to follow the rules of the Club and the class.   Another is the discipline to accept corrections from the coach.  There is also the self-discipline to stay on task and focused while the coach is instructing others in class.

Courage is needed to overcome fears. People often fear the unknown or something they have never tried before, especially if it looks scary or hard.   Gymnasts continue to try new and harder things.  They learn to create a plan and a strategy in a step by step manner with their coach to make the impossible possible.  It's important to know how to overcome challenges not only in gymnastics, but life.

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